Candle Care 101 : Trim those wicks!

Candle Care 101 : Trim those wicks!


First, let me just say that candles are more complicated than lighting a match. I remember as a punky youngster experimenting with a candle-making kit, melting crayons to color the wax, and excitedly burning the candle with no fragrance. THRILLED, then one by one burning the entire pack of matches... I digress.

Candles have two distinct components. The fuel, WAX, is available in many varieties, and the catalyst, the WICK. Wicking is queen. Have you ever watched a candle burn straight down the wick to the bottom in a well of wax left on the sides of the glass? Bad wicking! First, you want a candle that smells outta sight, uses smart wax (We choose soy wax because it's clean burning, eco-savvy), and you need fabulous packaging.  If you have all these assets, and the candle does not burn correctly, you're in the dark.


So, back to WICKS...the first thing you should do when you buy our candles or any other, is trim the wick before first burn. Trim it about 1/8" above the surface of the wax. Then burn your candle. We burn our candles 2-4 hours each time. It gives the wax time to melt so the burn pool reaches the sides of the glass. After burning, blow out the candle and let it cool.

Before you burn your candle for the second time, you need to TRIM THE WICK, GIRL. Basically, just cut it down to 1/8" again, so the flame isn't 13 feet high spewing black smoke. I exaggerate. I am a country girl at heart and like to keep it simple. I reach in the candle, pinch the wick with my fingers, toss the carbon wick remnant in the trash, and then wipe my fingers on my pants. Rough, but true. You can try scissors, but the best choice is a "wick clipper.” It has a clipping mechanism that runs parallel to the surface of the wax, and when the wick is trimmed, the carbon falls perfectly into a little metal hammock. No mess, and no carbon on your pants. Then just light your candle again and enjoy.

Many people don't know about trimming the wick, so now you can help enlighten them. An untrimmed wick burns big, dangerous, and HOT. There could be soot, there could be shattered glass.  Check out our cool video made by our friends David and Alexandra!  TRIM IT!