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Roland Pine Petite Diffuser

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Roland Pine Petite Diffuser
3.65 fl. oz. / 107 ml
Notes: Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro
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Like a crisp winter stroll, sweetly bold notes of Siberian Fir and Pine offer the best of nature's scent. Bring this decadent, long-lasting aroma indoors to enjoy the invigorating fragrance of the holidays year-round. 


Add a beautiful pop of decor to any room in your home or office with this elegant, compact diffuser. We know you're busy, so the diffuser's low-hassle setup and average reed lifespan of 6–9 months means you can quickly and simply place it in your favorite spot and let its bold, foresty scent transport you to your happy place. The ideal gift, women-made in NY. 
Proprietary alcohol-free, phthalate-free and VOC-certified liquid and Fragrance (Parfum).
7 reviews
The Roland Pine Petite Diffuser cannot be beat for it's fabulous aroma.
I went into a store on Hilton Head Island and the aroma from the Roland Pine Petite Diffuser on sample took my breath away it was so wonderful. Not overpowering at all. There was only one left (the salesperson said they flew out the door) so I bought it as a gift. The recipient said it is the most fabulous fragrance she has ever smelled. I just received my order of 2 Roland Pine Petite Diffusers. Well-deserving of 5 stars!!!
Review by Julie  12/27/2018
Great Purchase
The best fresh Christmas Tree scent I have ever purchased!!
Review by Dee  12/12/2018
Smells Like Fresh Cut Pine
Fills the house with a festive holiday scent!
Review by Cordova  10/20/2018
Smells Like Fresh Pine
Since we put our Christmas Tree outside, I looked for a long time to find this scent that makes my home smell like fresh pine. Perfect
Review by C2  10/20/2018
My favorite home fragrance!
I love this fragrance and it's my favorite home fragrance scent from any company. I buy these diffusers every year and people visiting my home always want to know the name of the fragrance. It's fantastic!!
Review by Elizabeth  10/18/2018
Mmmm, piney!
This is a really pleasant fragrance to surround yourself with, I feel simultaneously relaxed & energized by it. The citrus & cilantro bring in additional notes that pleasantly add to the overall complexity, but don't overwhelm the pine. Excellent!
Review by David  9/15/2017
Great smell.
The most wonderful fragrance. Many compliments from people who came into my house.
Review by Patty  4/24/2017