Why Non-Aerosol matters: Home Fragrance Spray

Why Non-Aerosol matters: Home Fragrance Spray

For years we have had a "pump" room spray, which basically was kind of a large Eau de Toilette. The ingredients were water, surfactant, alcohol and fragrance.   It was a nice room spray, in a glass bottle, with a pretty label.   We had thought for years, how much we wanted a pressurized spray, like say, hairspray.. but never wanted to develop the product, because of the "Aerosol" factor.   Terrible for the environment.  Eats the Ozone.  Global Warming....the list goes on....

One day we did a little investigating, realizing that there are plenty of "green" products out there, and there is no way they are using Aerosol in their pressured delivery, so how does this all work! Let's just say it has been a long road of questions and discovery!  It's all very interesting, but to kind of sum it up, here is how it works.   

With an Aerosol delivery system, you have an aluminum can, FILLED under pressure with what you are delivering, and then gas.  When you push the nozzle and release the contents, what comes out is the product you are trying to deliver MIXED with the gasses.   Basically the gasses evaporate (hence killing the Ozone layer) and what you are left with is the "scent" or "hairspray" what-have-you.


The alternative, is called a Bag on Valve, or commonly known as BOV.  With this system,  there is actually a bag inserted inside the aluminum can. The bag is then filled with what you are trying to deliver, in our case, our fabulous Roland Pine fragrance.  The bag is then sealed and the can is filled with pressurized air.  When you are ready to spray a can of this spray, what happens is the ONLY what is inside the bag comes out of the nozzle, but it comes out under the pressure of compressed air. The system delivers only what you are intending to spray.  No mixture, just pure product.   It's actually fascinating!

We never really knew there was a difference between say, a can of hairspray, and spray-on sunscreen, or spray cooking oil.  Hairspray is an Aerosol, whereas anything to goes on the body will  be ingested is Bag On Valve.  Easy Peasy.  WE are so totally thrilled to launch our eco-friendly Bag On Valve Roland Pine Home Fragrance Spray.  It packs a punch, and we love the packaging.   There are too many uses to list, but no joke, just a pump or two will make your entire space smell like you are deep in a dewey forest! Bring it!