The who's who at the Factory!

Meet the Team!
For the last 18 years, we have worked with just about every single one of our friends, all of our children, and most of our family members!  A couple of years ago we decided to kind of "tighten ship" and close our actual factory, as we weren't really manufacturing any longer, and with our children getting older, we wanted to have a bit more freedom, as well as running a warehouse is not mine nor Shannon's specialty!  We thought this would be a nice way to get to know our team.  Besides, now we are addicted to blogging!  
Meet Lisa & Shannon.  We are thrilled to be at the helm of the Soap & Paper Factory Cruise ship! We have been business partners and very good friends since Shannon arrived in Nyack, some 18 years ago. We have different strengths we bring to the table, and really enjoy the world of small business.   Lisa is a Virgo, loves people and Korean BBQ. Shannon is a Libra, (hence the killer partnership) loves beer, winning and has the best laugh on earth. Let's meet Karen, shall we?  
Meet Karen Close. If you have called Soap & Paper Factory, you have talked to Karen. Karen was the first person I met when I moved to Nyack from Brooklyn, 20 years ago. She is a funky, super deluxe rock star, and has been with us since, literally, the beginning when she was the Soap Wrapper Extraordinaire!   Now she runs our Customer Service Center, and Orders Department. Karen is a Libra, lover of dogs, and makes the best Thanksgiving Stuffing this side of the Mississippi. Last but certainly not least is Ms. Jessica Pope!
There are queens, and queens of queens, and then there is Jessica Suzanne Pope. We met Jessica back in the day at our first showroom, The Simblist Group (thank you Ron Simblist, and our Tradeshow Mafia) in Atlanta.  She is one of the kindest, hardworking, funny people we know. Through the years we have always been tight, you know, we call it our "Tradeshow Family" in the industry. After years and years of all of us being on the wholesale circuit together, the stars aligned and Jessica came on board as National Sales Director for Soap & Paper Factory. She is the one who manages all of the stores that carry our brand, and she seeks out new stores all the time. Girl, THIS girl is a LEO, all the way. She loves her little dogs, Trae Gurley, and hotel crushed ice (and she is ready to take your order if you are interested........)!
That's our team!  We have the best manufacturers around, from glass suppliers, box makers, candle pourers and fragrance makers. xoxo