The Inspiration Behind Vanilla Fleur

Full disclosure: This is our first attempt at blogging! Although we have talked about a blog for years, we never really got around to it. I do love telling a good story and think our story is important to share with you, so you understand what you are purchasing and where it comes from. Since our you are part of our story, we want you to know how you have shaped where we are today and how we work.

For years, we have reused fragrances in different “collections” with different packaging.  This holds true for our Vanilla fragrance. It was first used in “Burnt Vanilla” way back in the day, then Santal, Madagascar, Bourbon, Winter and Creamy Vanilla.  What became apparent to us quickly, is that out of the three fragrances we launched in a “collection”, we would get the most feedback about the Vanilla.  It would always be the best seller, and when the collection has sold out, we would get a flood of emails from heartbroken customers about not being able to find their dream fragrance any longer.  We are talking sleepless nights for us, thinking of everyone who finally found a fragrance they LOVE, to have it ripped away… it was too much!  Cut to:  Vanilla Fleur.  There was no question as to which fragrance we would launch for a permanent collection.   

Snow Drop Collection : Winter VanillaVanilla Fleur also highlights the return to our roots with design and packaging.  Bold, saturated color & feminine natural hand-drawn images.  It all just fell into place.  It’s all about the Orchid!!  The best part about this whole collection, is that it is a collection entirely created from feedback from all of our customers over the years. Instead of launching the entire collection at once, we have started rolling out each product as products become available.  We are so thrilled to “bring baby back” and grow this collection!
New Collection : Vanilla Fleur