The cool thing about soy wax is that it burns really clean, it's vegan, and it's made here in the USA. Soy is super subtle and when infused with our pretty fragrances, it burns perfectly and carries our aromas delicately through your space. We try to keep it simple when it comes to candles. We belive candles should be a subtle part of your environment, not slap you across the face when you or your guest walk through the door. It's more a tap on the shoulder... a whisper to enhance your experience. 
We currently offer two Triple Wick Soy Candles. Vanilla Fleur (featured) and Roland Pine.
Each candle boasts over a POUND of Soy Wax !
All of our candles are poured with TLC in the USA and made with pure soy wax.
Clean burning, and absolutely stunning! 
Remember, it's important to trim the wick of your candle before each lighting! 
Light it up and let it glow!