Take them anywhere! Moisturizing Shea Butter Hand Cream!

Rich in vitamins and minerals, our hydrating blend keeps your skin soft, and protects against the elements. Our hand creams glide on silky smooth, and always leave your skin feeling fabulously moisturized, and lovingly fragrant. This petite, on-the-go size is great for travel, your purse and in the car!  
Layered with warm notes of caramelized Pumpkin, spicy Cinnamon and buttery Vanilla Bean, Pumpkin chiffon is the coziest scent of the season.
Laced with fresh, crisp notes of Siberian Fir, Pine and Cilantro, Roland Pine transports you to a faraway forest!
Deep, sultry notes of Sandalwood, Orchid & Vanilla bean create our beloved Vanilla Fleur. If you loved Bourbon Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla, and Santal Vanilla, this is your fragrance!