Benefits of Shea Butter

Benefits of Shea Butter
Our gentle soaps are skin softening and packed with Shea Butter. They leave your skin soft and moisturized, and each fragrance has its own beautiful vibe. Here are some reasons we use Shea Butter!
1. Naturally rich in vitamins A and E, shea butter offers some protection against free radical damage and provides skin with essential nourishment.
2. The cinnamic acid present in shea butter has been shown to reduce inflammation, aiding in the skin's natural healing abilities...
3.  The essential fatty acids present in shea butter aid in collagen production and protect the skin from damage by free radicals. This has been shown to prevent wrinkles.
4.  Shea butter will nourish and feed your skin while locking in moisture that is much needed especially during the cold, dry months of the year.