Made in the USA Holiday Candles!!

Made in the USA Holiday Candles!!

 We love candles, in particular, SOY CANDLES! All of our candles are made right here in the USA. When our pretty fragrances are blended perfectly with soy wax, they burn clean, and smell wonderful. This fall we launched our newest addition FLOWERING CURRANT. 

 We have tried a few tart & fruity fragrances over the years, some of you may remember Orange Bitter Pomegranate & Cedrat. We always loved this genre of fragrance, had introduced these fragrances as kind of "just for holiday" one-off's. We have wanted to create a more "year round" tart, fruity, spicy fragrance and we are absolutely in love with Flowering Currant. WE really feel like it's the perfect blend of all the needed berry-esque notes.  

Last year we introduced PUMPKIN CHIFFON 

pumpkin chiffon, with notes of caramelized pumpkin, spicy cinnamon & buttery vanilla! best, cozy fragrance for the season!

We love all of our candles, and we DON'T like to play favorites, but for realz, Roland Pine is the winner! 

ROLAND PINE is packed with pine, Siberian fir & cilantro. its fresh, optimistic and mouthwateringly festive and is the best Christmas candle around!
ROLAND PINE is our number one best selling candle. Fresh, Crisp and NOT just the best holiday candle on earth, it's a wonderful fragrance for any time of the year. Fir needle, Pine & Cilantro are perfectly blended to create this fragrance. Oh wait, you HATE Cilantro? Do not fear, you can't smell it at all, but it really does help round out the pine. Pine can be so tricky. It tends to smell like medicine or floor cleaner... but not our Roland Pine. My favorite time of year is when we open our Bryant Park Holiday Store and fill it with ROLAND PINE! I swear there is not a person who walks by that doesn't stop in their tracks and say "Oh my!  WHAT is that smell!!!!"  needless to say, we make the sale. Roland Is irresistible. Especially when there is a chill in the air.