Jessica is making Face Masks at Buck and Doe Goods!

Okay, here's the deal. Jessica is not only pumping out masks like crazy, she probably donated about 3,000 masks in the beginning of the health crisis.  She and her husband, Mr. Trae own a company called Buck and Doe Goods.  Mostly, until Covid, they made gorgeous bow ties.  They are just perfect for the dandy person in your life. When Covid hit, they felt so helpless, like all of us, and decided to DO SOMETHING about it. Jess and Trae started ironing and sewing....Like, non-stop.  Jessica's grandmother Mariella got involved and was ironing tons of fabric in Boise, and sending to Jess and Trae. People started to donate money for shipping, for folks that didn't live nearby, so there was a shipping fund.  That is the magic of Jessica Pope.  Check out this hot link to the News In Savannah, about their endeavor.  She currently sells them on her website (hot link above ).  The image I have featured is Sylvie and Mia, two of our incredible Holiday Market Ladies featuring masks made by Jessica.  Of course Jess would send us THEMED Pine Cone masks to sell our Roland Pine!  She loves keeping us all safe.  We love you Jessica & Trae!