Home Fragrance Sprays

Home Fragrance Sprays

We are totally in love with our Fragrance Sprays! Each fragrance is jet powered by "Bag-on-valve" technology, (not the most beautiful explanation, but the fact that this jet powered spray does not harm the Ozone is pretty substantial!). Short and simple, our sprays use the same technology as spray on sunscreen, or cooking spray.  This enables the fragrance to be catapulted into the air, without the harmful gas. All of our sprays are 100% recyclable.

The beauty of our Fragrance sprays is that they are not just for your room, but are perfectly safe and lovely to spray on your body! Who doesn't love a multi use spray?! 

Each spray is designed to enhance your senses, and brighten your day!

Loaded with positive vibes, Sun Kissed is meticulously blended with notes of sun-drenched citrus & bushels of bright blossoms.

Our Roland Pine spray is high octane (pressurized)  and totally aerosol-free. It only takes a few pumps to unleash the forest fresh notes of Siberian fir, Pine & Cilantro; take a walk through the woods in the comfort of your own home!

Our Pumpkin Chiffon Home Fragrance Spray is high octane (pressurized)  and totally aerosol-free. It only takes a few pumps to fill your space with cozy notes of caramelized Pumpkin, spicy Cinnamon & sultry Vanilla bean. 

North Shore features deeply layered notes of sea salt & lush, watery florals that will transport you to the edge of the sea with crashing waves, hot sun and sandy beaches.

Flowering Currant offers fruity and tart notes of Currant & Cassis, blended with deep, sultry and floral Turkish Rose to create a beautiful, exotic blend.