The many uses of Fragrance Oil!

The many uses of Fragrance Oil!
You know, Fragrance Oils are SO versatile.
Most folks like to use them in electric diffusers, or wax melters.
Just a few drops will fill your space with amazing aromas.
Our Fragrance Oils are formulated for your body as well. A few drops in a tub or in your shower all expand your experience!
You can also add a couple of drops to unscented body oil or lotion for a scent explosion! They are great for dryer balls to jack up your laundry experience, and you can even put a couple of drops on a cotton ball, and then place it on a light bulb (not LED) and as it warms up...the aroma from the oil will fill the room!
If you have other ideas, please let us know, we would love to share them!