Bryant Park Winter Village 2020 ** Open Air Market in the Heart of NYC!

Bryant Park Winter Village 2020 ** Open Air Market in the Heart of NYC!

Come on over to Bryant Park and check out our most beloved event of the year!  This year is a little different due to Covid, but regardless it is a great, safe space OUTSIDE to chill, listen to music, shop, skate, eat and true New York City fashion!  The market has been scaled back, to provide a less crowded space. There are hand washing stations, and park officials constantly counting heads to make sure it stays chill.   

It is not hard to find us.  We are over on the north side, just closer to the rink.  Jimmy's booth, The Truffleist & Dorset Maple and down the way, and our booth neighbor KATIE is the best!  Her business is called Flutter by Katie...gorgeous butterflies, I mean, we are so lucky to be involved in the best market!

A few things....To skate you must make a reservation.  Here is the link:

Here is info on the market itself: 

Shops are open from 11am-8pm M-F (but now shops can stay open until 10pm.  Some close at 8, some stay open).   10am-8pm SAT/SUN, however same closing rules apply.  Some shops close at 8, some stay open.  THE LODGE is open until 10pm, and they make great cocktails and the food is delish.  I mean DE-LISH! 

In fact last night I had a martini and a huge hot pretzel, while watching the skaters go by, right behind the NYPL (New York Public Library).  There is nothing better.  Here is a link with info: