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9.5 oz Roland Pine Soy Candle

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9.5 oz Roland Pine Soy Candle
Burn Time 65 hours 9.5 oz. / 269 g
Notes: Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro
Beautiful notes of Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro will uplift the spirit while filling your room with twinkling light and the scent of fresh-cut pine boughs.


Our perfumed soy Roland Pine candle burns clean and bright, bringing warmth, love and twinkling light to your environment! Our candles are made right here in New York (literally by the nicest people), and our 9.5 oz Roland candle burns for approximately 65 hours! Our classic design was inspired by a ride through Harriman State Park—what a great gift! 
Pure Soy Wax, Phthalate-Free Fragrance (Parfum), Cotton Wick.
10 reviews
I love this candle fragrance
Delicious, clean and reminiscent of Christmas trees. I love this candle fragrance, the only one I buy.
Review by holistic21  9/20/2018
Absolutely in love with these candles
Absolutely in love with these candles, my house smells amazing! Feels more like Christmas so I'm ordering some more today!
Review by Dominic F  9/20/2018
One of the best smelling pine candles I've ever seen!
One of the best smelling pine candles I've ever seen - For being a small candle it also lasts forever. I received it as a gift and now I give it as a gift .
Review by Marianne Snow  9/20/2018
"Real" pine smell! Had one in the office and people down the hall enjoyed it. Will be purchasing more. These candles are just awesome.
Review by DLB  9/20/2018
Long lasting and smells amazing!
Absolutely love this sent and candle. It is long lasting and smells amazing! I use it during the holiday season to enhance the smell of my Christmas tree and keep the season alive even after I throw out the tree. I buy at least 2 every year just for Christmas.
Review by bkmyln  9/20/2018
I love the smell of this candle
If you want the smell of a Christmas tree this is the closest candle I have ever found and when it burns it really does burn the fragrance (unlike cheap candles). I love the smell of this candle, it is refreshing and not too sweet with vanilla fragrance. It is expensive but worth it! So far it has been lasting...last Christmas we would burn it almost all day and all the time and it is not more than maybe a 1/4 gone, if even that!
Review by Jacquelyn  9/20/2018
Roland Pine is the best
During Xmas I burned the candle and my friends thought my tree was real!! It’s wonderful and lasts.
Review by Gail  2/8/2018
Christmas Tree!
Received as a gift for Christmas, smells just like a live Christmas tree. Perfumed the whole living room in a good way.
Review by Licia  1/7/2018
Highly recommended. Not just for the holidays.
This is my all time favorite candle scent. I use them year round and always get many complements. I gave it to several people as Christmas presents and it was a hit.
Review by Kathy  4/18/2017
Wonderful light scent!
I bought two votives at the Bryant Park Holiday Market. Upon arriving back home in Virginia and lighting one, I knew I needed to get a few more for stocking stuffers. Going on line I found the votives were out of stock. I ordered two of the larger candles instead and have been enjoying them over the last week. Guests have commented on the wonderful aroma. Hope to be able to get votives for stocking stuffers next year. A wonderful light scent that isn't overwhelming, but pleasant and relaxing!
Review by MB  12/30/2016