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Marigold Calendula Hand Cream

Product Review (submitted on March 28, 2017):
The is probably the most pleasant-smelling cream you could ever wish for - it's like something you'd almost want to eat, yet fresh and floral rather than foodish way. The marigold scent is a welcome change from the usual scents you see ad nauseum in Wholefoods Body. I'd prefer the scent to be a smidgeon less strong, but I guess the upside is that you don't slather too much on and make it go further. Despite that, it smells so good I'm buying it again - other people comment favorably on it when I use it. Performance-wise, in my opinion it utterly out-performs L'Occitane's "best selling" 20% Shea Butter cream, one of which "is sold every three seconds around the world" - I found that stuff lasts 5 minutes and then I have to apply it again; I don't know how it became a best seller other than being in a cool retro packaging (but so is Farmacie!).