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Marigold Calendula Hand Cream

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Marigold Calendula Hand Cream
2.5 oz. / 73 g
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Notes: Cyclamen, Peony & Ylang Ylang
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Lucious hand cream with a fresh, citrus scent
Another superlative hand lotion from Soap and Paper Factory. This is luscious, deeply penetrating, it doesn’t wash off, even better than the fig and honey, the warm vanilla etc.

The scent is a nice change, especially in winter when you need the sun!! This lovely lotion smells like a Mediterranean garden, a hint of marigolds and florals and lots of lemony citrus scents. It’s one of my favorites.

Great job!
Review by NyackMom  2/12/2020
Unique scent (in a great way)
The is probably the most pleasant-smelling cream you could ever wish for - it's like something you'd almost want to eat, yet fresh and floral rather than foodish way. The marigold scent is a welcome change from the usual scents you see ad nauseum in Wholefoods Body. I'd prefer the scent to be a smidgeon less strong, but I guess the upside is that you don't slather too much on and make it go further. Despite that, it smells so good I'm buying it again - other people comment favorably on it when I use it. Performance-wise, in my opinion it utterly out-performs L'Occitane's "best selling" 20% Shea Butter cream, one of which "is sold every three seconds around the world" - I found that stuff lasts 5 minutes and then I have to apply it again; I don't know how it became a best seller other than being in a cool retro packaging (but so is Farmacie!).
Review by Galfromdownunder  3/28/2017
One of my best hand creams of all times.
I absolutely adore the Marigold Calendula Hand Cream. It feels luxurious on my skin. But what I love the most is its smell: it's refreshing and yet calming and very comforting. I almost smell some lemon that is softened by gentle sweetness of Peony. Everything seems so well blended. I live in a very dry climate and this cream feels like an absolute heaven at the end of the day after shower before bedtime. Originally I have purchased it at the Anthropology store. I am so happy to find it on the web. I am curious to explore perfumes from this brand. So far I have only tried this hand cream. Wonderful job dear Soap and Paper Factory!
Review by Sophie Black  6/3/2016

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